Thank you!!! 02/01/2011
I want to thank everyone who came out to our "Meet the Douglas County School District" today. We had a wonderful turnout representing the majority of the schools in Douglas County. We received great information from the staff of the DCSS and I hope everyone came away from this mornings forum with a better understanding and a positive feeling for our school system.

I encourage you to send a representative of your school to our school board meetings. They are very informative and will help you to pass on information to the parents in your schools. Don't be reactive! Be proactive!
Don't miss our legislative event right here in Douglas County!!! Our first ever Meet the Douglas County School District will be held on February 1st, 2011. Please contact your local PTA officers for more information if you would like to attend
We are here for you. As the year comes to an end, remember to have your books audited before turning them over to your new treasurer. We can do your audit for you for FREE!! Just contact your council representative to set up an appointment. It will be quick and painless. Even if your treasurer is returning for a second term, go ahead and audit your books now. You know you need to have an audit done and turned in to Georgia PTA by the end of September anyways. Why not get it over with now?
Contact us! That is what we are here for...
Let us know what we are doing right, wrong or how we can do things differently.

We hope to make the school system and the PTA units in Douglas County stronger and more unified. We need your input to make this happen.

Our vision is to have more interaction, discussion and feedback from the local units and ask that they also have more interaction, discussion and feedback from their general membership as well.

Please share you comments, suggestions, thoughts and feelings.